Stonehaven Family Farm (Photo by Andrew Ayer)

A Farm Stay (or as we like to call it, A Hay-cation)

In last year’s print issue, we set out to find a half dozen cool overnight adventures on the South Coast. We’re rolling them out online for those of you who don’t have the 2016 magazine. Today’s feature: a farm stay. If you’d like to see it as it appeared in the magazine, click here. Otherwise, just read on….

Stonehaven Family Farm (Photo by Andrew Ayer)You could be in Ireland looking across at sheep grazing in green fields, a lazy river and stone walls in the background completing the perfect vista. Or you could be in Westport, ready to roll up your sleeves and learn what it takes to be a farmer.

Virginia Merlier owns Stonehaven Family Farm, which provides overnight visitors with a taste of farm life. After you settle into her comfortable home, you’ll have time to explore the local beaches, shops and sights, but Merlier will remind you that afternoon chores are at 4:30. As you gather chicken eggs, herd the ducks, and make the animals ready for night, she’ll tell you about the heritage breeds she raises here and chat with you about farming. In the morning, you’ll enjoy the eggs you collected for breakfast before another round of chores. Fresh flowers from the garden will probably grace the table.

Stonehaven Family Farm (Photo by Andrew Ayer)Farm stays are popular in Europe and are gaining popularity in the United States with people who are intrigued by farm life. In Westport, Merlier has hosted visitors from near and far, including many international visitors. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see where your food comes from. Maybe owning a farm has been a romantic dream of yours. Maybe you just like being surrounded by outdoor beauty and animals. Stonehaven Family Farm is the place to go.

Stonehaven Family Farm (Photo by Andrew Ayer)All photos by Andrew Ayer. For more information about the farm, go to the website here or call 508-636-1361. Stonehaven Family Farm, 1506 Drift Road, Westport.

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