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8 Great Things: April on the South Coast

Spring is here! Yahoo! Days are longer and the sun is stronger.  We’ve got 8 Great Things to make April on the South Coast a great month, with many thanks to Anne Whiting Real Estate for sponsoring this!

We’ve got everything from the running of the herring to cabaret nights, from biking to fisherpoets (yes, fisherpoets). We’re pretty sure there’s something on it for everyone!

1. Food, Glorious, Food!

The Onset Bay Association is giving us Taste of the Bay, a fun way to support local restaurants in the Onset/Buzzards Bay/Wareham area, now through May 9. With

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8 Great Things: March on the South Coast

8 Great Things

Spring is so close, we can almost taste it. As we MARCH toward it, we’ve rounded up some things to keep us busy. We think there’s a nice mix: inspiring cozy moments with more active, outdoor pursuits. It’s all about balance. Enjoy our 8 Great Things for you to do in the month ahead (with many thanks to Anne Whiting Real Estate for sponsoring this!) and think about this lovely fact: we’ll be back to you with our next 8 Great Things list on the other side of winter.

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8 Great Things: February on the South Coast!

Forget about whether the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2. February 2 is also known as Candlemas, an ancient festival marking the midpoint of winter, halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox! Doesn’t that sound more positive than pinning our hopes on a groundhog? To nudge us even closer to spring, we’ve rounded up 8 Great Things for you to do in the month ahead, with many thanks to Anne Whiting Real Estate for sponsoring this!

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8 Great Things: January on the South Coast!

We’ve already thrown out our 2020 calendar and we’re excited to greet 2021! To get us off on the right foot, we’ve found 8 Great Things for you to do in the month ahead, with many thanks to Anne Whiting Real Estate for sponsoring this fun list!

1. Run Away!

Some of us may have picked up some bad habits in 2020. Start some good ones this month by joining the

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8 Great Things: December on the South Coast

December is that super busy time of year when we’re overwhelmed with parties, shopping, cooking, entertaining. Except not this year. Sure, we’ll still be busy getting ready for the holidays but our calendars are going to be a lot more open. So use this year as an excuse to slow down a little and build in  some quality time celebrating all the wonders the South Coast has to offer. Enjoy our 8 Great Things for the month ahead, with many thanks to Anne Whiting Real Estate for sponsoring this fun list!

The Symphony Shop’s ChrisMoose sporting a ukelele that could be yours!

1. Uke Can Do It!

Just say the word ukulele and the corners of your mouth start turning up. It just conjures up the feeling of  happiness and good times. So there has never been a better time to pick up the ukulele than now. The Z is obliging by offering us a 4 week virtual classes for kids and adults, beginners and advanced beginners. And may we suggest you check out the Symphony Shop in Dartmouth to buy your ukulele. See here to register for the classes.

2. Say Bakery Bike 5 Times Fast

The Starchasers are meeting at the Buzzards Bay Coalition headquarters in New Bedford’s downtown for a slow ride around the city that they’ve dubbed the Casual Bakery Bike Tour. We love every word in that name: Bakery, Casual. Bike. Tour. Join them on Saturday, December 5 at 9:30. Registration is free but you must register here. Register early because space is limited.

3. To Market, To Market

Tiverton is keeping its farmer’s market going through the winter in the airy and light-filled community hall at Sandywoods Center for the Arts where they’ll open all the windows and doors to let the outside in (and increase air flow). With safe, easy access to fresh and local produce, meats, seafood, art, and music every Tuesday — rain or shine — from 2 to 6 pm, we bet it’ll be the highlight of your winter weeks. 43 Muse Way, Tiverton. Starting December 15, through the winter. See more here.

4. Snow Place Like Home

The 1834 Rotch-Jones-Duff mansion is dressed to the nines for the holiday season and the garden will be illuminated from sundown on, seven days a week. Even better — on Fridays in December, they will have family friendly themed nights (like Ugly Sweater Spirit Night and Hoe, Hoe, Hoedown!) See more here.

5. The Show Must Go On

The New Bedford Symphony’s Holiday Pops concert is an annual tradition and they’re not letting us down this year! They’ve got lots of treats: the NBSO musicians will be performing holiday favorites at festive South Coast locations, the Showstoppers will be there, and — special treat — Broadway’s Elena Shaddow will sing holiday songs with Yaniv’s virtual accompaniment. Tickets are just $10 and you’ll receive a private Youtube link — you can watch the performance when it first airs on December 19th and for the month following that. See more here. 

6. Celebrate the Solstice

Start the shortest day of the year off with a little nature and community. The Buzzards Bay Coalition has a sunrise stroll on the Solstice. It makes our list every December because we love the idea of joining together on the solstice. We also love the idea that from here on out guys, each day gets a little longer! Monday, December 21 at 6:30 a.m. Registration is free but you must register here. 

Artisan Bake Shop7. D-I-Y Christmas Fun

We love cookies. And we love decorating them. What don’t we love? We don’t love gathering all the things needed to create beautifully decorated treats. Meredith Rousseau jumps in to rescue us! Order her Artisan Bake Shop kits to make cute cottages or colorful mittens and you’ll be able to throw yourself right into the decorating. Everything you need comes in the kits. And you know the cookies are made locally, with love. Artisan Bake Shop, 265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester.

8. Wander A Bit

We’re adding something a little outside our borders because this will make you feel like you’ve really travelled across space and time. Rather than a stuck-at-home resident of 2020, pretend you’re a nineteenth century resident of the Gilded Age. The Breakers mansion in Newport is all gussied up for guests for the holidays and has a sparkling light show starting daily at 4 pm. Guests can purchase hot beverages (including adult beverages) to enjoy while strolling the grounds outside. See more here. 

There you go, 8 Great Things for a wonderful December. Again, our great thanks to Anne Whiting Real Estate in Dartmouth for sponsoring this blog. Want to show them you appreciate them as much as we do? Give them a like on Facebook right here!


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8 Great Things: November on the South Coast

Turn up the heat and settle into the short, dark days with some things to distract us until the turkey is served. We’ve got something for everyone on the list: outdoor runs, madcap bicycle adventures, history happy hours, art, music and some nature. Many, many thanks to Anne Whiting Real Estate who sponsors this monthly round-up of things to do to keep our spirits up!

1. Get Both Oars in the Water

To have both oars in the water is an idiom meaning “to be and remain in a calm, stable, sensible, and pragmatic state or condition; to not be subject to extreme emotional reactions or affected by exceptional changes in one’s situation.” You can physically get both oars in the water with the Buzzards Bay Coalition at their Onset Bay Center with some instructional rowing for adults. Monday, November 2, 2020. 3:30 to 4:30 pm. Free but you have to register. 

2. Tragedy, History and a Beer Tasting

If you need a reason to drink on a Tuesday, the Rotch-Jones-Duff House presents us with an educational one. Their history happy hour — H3 — is a brief talk on a historical topic accompanied by a virtual beer tasting. Local bartender, Nick Serpa will recommend a brew or two for you to share from home while you watch and learn about The Black Sheep by Mattapoisett’s Francis Davis Millet, including tragic details from the piece’s acquisition by the New Bedford Free Public Library. Suggested donation: $5 Members / $10 Public. Tuesday, November 10, 5:30 pm. Register in advance for this virtual event here. 

3. Run, All Month Long.

The 6th Annual DNRT Trail Race is a little different this year. First off, you have the entire month to complete it (no “I’ve got a conflict” excuses). Second, you can mix and match among 3 unique 5K courses through picturesque DNRT properties which you can either run or walk. Run all 3 to compete for the coveted Triple Beanie (see this beauty on the right). All registrants receive a t-shirt and a Refried Apparel face mask. Find out all about it here. 

4. Celebrate Fall River’s Newest Museum

After a first-time visit to  MASS MoCA in North Adams this summer, we were blown away with the great combination created when you mix contemporary with old mills. When last month’s Fall River Fabric Festival featured a contemporary museum exhibit in the Merrow mill, visions of future possibilities danced through our heads! They’re keeping the current exhibit up until December 12 and you can see it by appointment. Sure, setting up an appointment is more work than just strolling in but it’s worth it: the museum’s creators, Harry & Brittni Harvey, can give you the inside scoop on the art. How often can you experience that!? Email them at [email protected] to schedule your visit.

5. Cranksgiving!

We’ve just learned of the New Bedford Starchasers and we’re so intrigued. Join them on a bicycle-powered food drive: part bike ride, part madcap scavenger hunt. All you need is a bike (or other human-powered or assistive device), a lock and a bag. Last year, the Starchasers collected over 130 pounds of food for the United Way’s Hunger Heroes Project! This mission is free, open to the public, and cosmically inclusive!  Saturday, November 14, 8 to 2 pm. See more here.

Behind the scenes at the New Bedford Symphony’s last virtual concert!

6. “An Emotional Rollercoaster”

No, not the tagline for 2020. It’s how Shostakovich’s first Piano Concerto has been described: beginning in a restrained manner only to spiral out of control by the end. Written for the unusual instrumentation of piano, strings, and trumpet, the piece spans musical styles and includes quotations from folk songs, classical music, cabaret, and silent films. Watch as the New Bedford Symphony safely places 22 musicians (strings and trumpet) plus conductor Yaniv Dinur and internationally acclaimed pianist Alexander Korsantia on stage at The Z for a fantastic virtual performance of Shostakovich and Dvořák’s Serenade for String! November 21, virtually. See more here. Tickets are $10 and can be reserved here.

7. The Wonders of Nature

Think about splurging on a private naturalist-led tour at Allen’s Pond Wildlife Sanctuary for your family or pod on Wednesdays through Saturdays through November 21. Each two-hour program will guide your group on an exploration around the sanctuary, taking part in hands-on investigations of plants and animals and discovering how to observe the interactions and life cycles of various habitats. Starting at $130 for a group of 5. See more here.

8. A Neighborhood Star

We’ve loved Alison Well’s art ever since we wrote a profile of her in our May 2017 issue (see the digital version here). So we were thrilled to learn that the New Bedford Whaling Museum is featuring her work in the Braithmayer Gallery. In the Neighborhood fuses the influences of her love for New Bedford along with her Caribbean culture to create unique and vibrant mixed media, large scale paintings in this series. Purchase timed tickets to the museum here. Enjoy Alison’s virtual talk about the exhibit here. 

There you go, 8 Great Things to get out and enjoy this month in the wonderful place we live. Again, our great thanks to Anne Whiting Real Estate in Dartmouth for sponsoring this blog. Want to show them you appreciate them as much as we do? Give them a like on Facebook right here!


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8 Great Things: October on the South Coast

Good news, everybody! October sees a resurgence of events — so many that we had to leave some really good ones on the chopping block. There are even a couple of South Coast Almanac events in here. Since we are shamelessly plugging a couple of our own events, we added a bonus. So this month you’re getting 9 Great Things for the price of 8 Great Things. 😉

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8 Great Things: September on the South Coast

We used to hate September because it meant the end of summer. Then we realized that September had all of the best things of summer (beautiful perfect beach days! fresh local produce!) without any of the bad parts (heat waves, crowds). And now we love September. Sometimes — especially these times –what we need is an attitude adjustment.

But we digress! We’re here to tell you our top picks for the month ahead: 8 things that will undoubtedly make your September that much better. A special shout out to Anne Whiting Real Estate for sponsoring this monthly roundup!

1. The Symphony is Bach!

Join the New Bedford Symphony for their opening concert for the 2020-21 season and the whole symphony will be performing with some great music, including Bach (get it? they’re bach!) Like all things, it’s a bit different this year. Purchase tickets (for just $10) and the symphony will email you a Youtube link to watch the concert along with your fellow music lovers. See more info about the Symphony here. BUT WAIT, there’s more! Buy a ticket, and South Coast Almanac will mail you a complimentary copy of our September issue. Because we’ve missed the symphony and we want to help welcome them back by encouraging more ticket sales! September 12, 7:30 pm. Buy tickets here. 

2. Remember Festivals and Crowds

The Narrows Center is giving a welcome look-back to the festivals, feasts and parades of Fall River — splashy parades through downtown, communal events in city parks and neighborhoods, religious processions, or celebrations of cultural heritage. The Feasts and Festivals exhibition features about 250 photographs of the city’s feasts and festivals from the 1950s to the present, selected from the archives of Fall River’s Herald News and the work of anthropologist, Andrea Klimt. Settle in with a cup of tea, maximize your screen and enjoy the crowds! The gallery is right here. 

3. Get Out There and Ride!

The South Coast Bikeway is holding its third annual Pedal for the Path ride this month — it’s a socially distanced casual ride with no registration fee. There are multiple options for mileage. Join to show your support for the completion of a bikeway connecting the entire South Coast, from Rhode Island to Cape Cod. September 13 from 9 to 3. See more here. To register, go here. 

4. How Do You Like Them Apples?

Did someone say apples? This month, go pick your own at local farms. They usually are ready for harvesting starting in mid-September but check in with the individual farms to see when the season officially starts this year for them:

Keith’s Farm, 1149 Main Street, Acushnet. Check out their website or Facebook page for more information. Young Family Farm, 260 West Main Road, Little Compton. See their website for more information.

Salsa lessons at the Z, (pre-Covid-19)

5. Have Some Salsa!

No, not chips & salsa! Put the chips & salsa down and join the Zeiterion Theater for three Wednesdays in September when they teach us to salsa virtually. The Afro-Cuban-based dance has influences from Puerto Rico, Colombia, and New York and is also the most requested dance styles in The Z’s Creative Classroom. Join them for three Wednesdays in September to learn Salsa (and work off some of those chips) over Zoom!  6 to 7 pm. September 16, 23 & 30. Pay what you can for the entire course. See here for more. 

6. A Little Walkabout!

A new trail opening in coronavirus times is like a cool new restaurant/club opening in normal times. A new scene! Lots of buzz! This one lives up to the hype. The DNRT and Buzzards Bay Coalition acquired the Dike Creek Reserve last year to conserve the 128-acre Apponagansett Bay Farm.  If you like boardwalks, bridges over creeks and a nice 2 mile hike (we do!), this is the place to go. Bakerville Road, Dartmouth. See more here. 

7. Eat Local!

Farmer’s Markets are still going strong. Check a new one out this month and feel good about supporting local farmers and artisans. Click on the links to find out more about the individual markets. Sundays in Fairhaven, Swansea, and Carver. Mondays and Wednesdays in New Bedford; Fridays in Dartmouth. Saturdays in Swansea, Middleborough, and Westport. If we missed any, let us know by commenting below and we’ll get ’em up there! (Check out Coastal Foodshed to see how they’re making eating local easy by offering home delivery, and more!)

8. Light & Art

Good news: the New Bedford Art Museum is open again. They are partnering with DATMA’s summer programing Light: 2020 to present  Pastoral Light is in conjunction with DATMA’s summer programming and features 19th century landscapes from the New Bedford Library’s collection.  Through December 31. See more here. Note: You must purchase timed tickets to attend the exhibit right here.

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Thanks to our wonderful sponsor Anne Whiting Real Estate who has been serving the community for over two decades!

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8 Great Things: August on the South Coast

We’re deep in summer, folks! Sitting at the beach, eating Twizzlers and wondering what to do this month. We know your usual go-to August traditions may be cancelled so we’re stepping in to give you some great alternatives. To paraphrase The Isley Brothers: if you can’t do the thing you love, love the thing you do.

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