Jenni at the counter holding banana cream pie at Magpie's in Mattapoisett

Magpie’s in Mattapoisett: get in early before she sells out

Exterior at Magpie's in MattapoisettSurprenant & Beneski, P.C. is a law firm that is all about family and they know food is an integral part of family life. They also like to support local food spots, like Magpie's, the cutest little bakery that's been operating under-our-radar for two years in Mattapoisett. How'd we miss it?


Chocolate bundt cake at Magpie's in MattapoisettIt's a one-woman shop so when Liam Connor and I stopped by, owner-baker-counter staff Jenni Strand told us we may be interrupted by her magpies -- her pet name for her customers. She was spot on. We were interrupted - again and again - and it was delightful.


Don came in and peeked around the glass cases and peered over at the baking trays stacked behind. He left with a couple of hermits, a ham & swiss biscuit and a slice of banana cream pie.

Jenni chatting with a regular at Magpie's in Mattapoisett"We're heading out next week to see the grandkids," Don told Jenni. "Thanks for letting me know," she told him, "so I won't worry."

work station at Magpie's in MattapoisettIt's like Mayberry inside Magpie's, the Mattapoisett bakery tucked into a cluster of shops and housing on Route 6.

I asked Don if he'd been a regular since Jenni opened in 2021. He said, "yeah, I started coming five pounds ago."

Jenni really knows her customers. She was holding a blueberry turnover in the back for Derek -- to be clear, Derek hadn't ordered a turnover, she just knew he likes them and so she put one aside for him. She had an iced coffee watiting for Lars in the cooler. There was a frownie face drawn in dry erase marker on the glass door. Why the frownie face? I asked. "Because it's decaf," said Jenni, making her own face.

The whisk door handles at Magpie's in MattapoisettWhen she retired after 25 years as a preschool director, this is what she dreamed of. A cute little bake shop (very cute, very little) with wide sliding barn doors that lead into Isabelle's gift shop next door when both businesses are open. The doors have whisks as handles. She's got cookie cutters adorning the wall which seem like clever wall art for a bakery. The real value, she told me, is that it reminds her what she has so that she uses them regularly.

Slices of banana bread at Magpie's in MattapoisettThere's a different bakery case each day you walk in, depending on what Jenni has decided she'd like to make. Sure, there are some regulars in her rotation -- she always has cinnamon rolls on Saturdays, for instance -- but mostly, she bakes as the fancy strikes her. So you can walk in and find unique choices you won't find everywhere, ranging from a little bit fancy, like the Belgian Almond Thins, to the down home, like banana bread (loaded with pecans, coconut and chocolate). Smartly, there are always savory choices as well. Quiche, tortas, ham & swiss in a biscuit, cheddar biscuits with everything seasoning, so you can stop by to "pick up lunch" (wink, wink) and grab a little treat for afterwards.

Jenni frosting the cinnamon buns at Magpie's in MattapoisettThe little shop hums with good vibrations. That's because Jenni is doing it exactly the way she dreamed. She's limited the stress that comes from opening a shop. She's not managing a staff, she's not making wedding cakes, she bakes what she wants. Luckily for us, what she wants is to make folks happy so if she hasn't made one of the regulars' favorites for a while, she'll put that back into the rotation.

But she'll also say No. When someone came in on a Saturday to see if he could order a banana cream pie for a birthday on Monday, she apologized that she couldn't do that as she is closed on Sundays and Mondays. He asked to buy the pie that he was looking at. She refused, "not if you're going to serve it on Monday. It won't taste as good by Monday." She's got high standards.

She'll bend over backwards when she can. One of her favorite customers is Ava, 8 years old, who came in to talk about her upcoming birthday cake. "Maggie," [she calls Jenni "Maggie" because of the name of the shop. Jenni is fine with it.] I'm ready to order my cake. Do you have a long piece of paper and a lot of time?"  Jenni settled in with a piece of paper to get Ava's order exactly right.

Jenni with a tray of cookies at Magpie's in MattapoisettJenni is in her shop each day at 3:30 am baking for the day because she wants everything as fresh as it can be. She closes at 2 but she begins selling out of items much earlier. If she's completely sold out, she'll close earlier than 2. If she's not sold out, she'll often drop the remainders at various spots around town: friends, first responders, the builders who outfitted her space.

The counter at Magpie's in MattapoisettOur advice: go in early while the bakery case is full. And if you want to stock up to eat some things later in the week, don't tell Jenni you won't be eating it that day.

Magpie's, 81 County Street, Mattapoisett.

Photos by Liam Connor Photography.

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  1. There really aren’t many towns anymore with a first class bakery like this. A true gem with a beautiful (inside and out) owner.

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