Best South Coast Christmas Lights

We Need Lights! Lots and Lots of Christmas Lights!!!

The shortest day of the year is coming up. You know what that means?

We need lights! Lots and lots of lights!!

On our To Do List is a trip to Lakeville to see the “Crazy Tech Christmas Animated Light Show” on Furlong Circle. Its website proclaims that it is “tacky gone wild.” How can we resist?! (Check out their website to see whether the lights are on during rain or snow.)

But, we’re greedy for more destinations to fill up these long, dark nights. So we asked four of our favorite realtors to tell us some local streets where we can get our fix. Not surprisingly, the spirited town of Fairhaven comes through with a lot of the recommendations. Here’s the lowdown:

Lights! Lots and lots of lights!
Sue Ann Murley DiVito Realty

Sue Ann Murley says that the Buzzards Bay Depot is all lit up when the Polar Express comes through town. And while it’s technically not the South Coast, Gardens Aglow at Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich is not far and it’s got ten miles of lights, a reindeer scavenger hunt, marshmallow roasting and more. If you do go to Heritage Plantation, she suggests checking out Route 6A to see the giant lighted sculptures designed by glass blower Michael Magyar (see more about that here). Buzzards Bay Depot, 70 Main Street, Buzzards Bay (lit for the Polar Express on December 15-18, 21-23) (more about the Polar Express here). Heritage Museums & Gardens  67 Grove Street, Sandwich (Fridays through Sundays, admission prices range up to $18) (see more here).

Sue Ann is a realtor with DiVito Realty with offices in Onset and Hull. She just recently renovated a cute little building in Onset and moved the business in there. It’s all decorated for the holidays….check it out!  DiVito Realty, 247 Onset Avenue, Onset, (508) 295-0213.

Lights! Lots and Lots of Lights!
Cindy Parola Laforce Realty

Cindy Parola says to check out Gellette Road in Fairhaven (“the guy does a great display!”) and the area around Edaville Railroad where all the neighbors decorate their homes. Edaville Railroad itself also hosts a Festival of Lights (more on that here).

Cindy lives in Bourne with her husband Mike and six adorable, patience-testing kitties. LaForce Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage with two offices in Wareham, one office in Lakeville and – soon – one office in Bourne. Laforce Realty, Tyler Avenue, Wareham, (508) 958-5376.


Howe Allen
Howe Allen
Howe Allen Realty

Howe Allen knows his hometown of Fairhaven inside and out and he recommends Green Street and Fort Street in Fairhaven as good spots to enjoy the Christmas lights.

Howe is the owner of Howe Allen Realty with offices in Fairhaven and New Bedford. He is a renovation fanatic. Not a year goes by when renovation projects don’t fill his days (and nights). You can see some of his projects on the Howe Allen Realty FaceBook page. Howe shares his life with his husband, Tim Evans, and two Jack Russell Terriers, Cheer and Dutch. Howe Allen Realty, Center Street, Fairhaven, (888) 491-9993.


Cassy West
Cassy West
Robert Paul Properties

Cassy West says “there’s a great spot on Rt 6 in Fairhaven with an unbelievable house.” She says it’s just the one house but it is really something (see the photo above, look for it near Welcome Street). She also recommends Marion Village for its quaintness this time of year.  

Cassy is a realtor with Robert Paul Properties in its Marion office. After she graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, she worked in the interior design industry and she brings a keen aesthetic to her work everyday as a realtor. She spent her summers as a child in Marion and now lives in Mattapoisett. Find her at Robert Paul Properties, Front Street, Marion, (508) 395-6391.

Comment below if you have other favorite spots for Christmas lights…

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4 thoughts on “We Need Lights! Lots and Lots of Christmas Lights!!!”

  1. 101 ValleyBars Rd in Bourne. 3 song light show with Mega tree, mini trees & lots more. Not technically SC, but not far.🎄🎅🏻

  2. I drove by the Fairhaven house yesterday! It is amazing. Also, on Route 6 in Marion, in front of Grainger Pottery, high high in the sky is an outstanding Star. Add it to your list.

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