6 Amazing Women: Louise Bastarache

March is women’s history month. At South Coast Almanac, we decided to dig into our own history (alright, alright…with just one issue out so far, we don’t really have to “dig” very far) to bring you the profiles of 6 amazing women from the inaugural 2016 issue.

First up, the baby whisperer: Tobey Hospital’s Louise Bastarache. People drive from as far away as Boston and Provincetown to have Louise as their midwife. Check out our story about her here: Louise Bastarache.


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7 thoughts on “6 Amazing Women: Louise Bastarache”

  1. Louise definitely is an amazing woman, she helped me deliver all 3 of my children. She is an inspiration to my life, she is force in holistic health and Midwifery. I can say my life has been blessed to have met her. Love you Louise!!!

  2. Its almost 11 years later… If I was to have another baby, I would travel to have her as my midwife! God bless you Louise! You were absolutely amazing!

  3. Love love love Louise!! She delivered my 2 girls and will be delivering my baby come July! She is truly AMAZING! The all natural experience with her is great! I travel from Fall River, Ma just to have her.

  4. Cheryl E.Fleurent

    Louise’s passion with her love of bringing life into the world is unmeasurable. She goes beyond the level of being a “healthcare provider”. By the end of your pregnancy and the birth of your child/children, you have a whole new level of respect for this beautiful lady and her soul.
    Love Love Love you Louise.

  5. Louise delivered all four of my babies. The second pregnancy being twins, which she delivered for me, naturally, at 39 weeks 4 days. Louise is such an amazing being that even just seeing her photograph brings tears to my eyes. She is like an angel. I’m sure that if she was not from earth, she intentionally chose this journey just to help here. She knows what’s she’s doing, and emanates love. Grateful for your life, Louise.

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