Chelsea, Christopher and Nate in front of the cafe

Christopher’s in Fall River: A Feel Good (and Eat Good) Story

Surprenant & Beneski, P.C. has been happily supporting local food spots since 2020 by spotlighting a new one each month. As a family business itself that prides itself on community work, the estate planning and elder law firm loves spotlighting other family businesses, especially ones like Christopher's where service to others goes way beyond food service.

Christopher's storefrontYou know there’s something special happening as soon as you reach the address. A bright white-washed brick storefront overflowing with colorful flowers and plants, the place just begs to be entered.

Flower boxes at the entrance of Christopher'sInside is just as charming. You feel like you’re in a Parisian café. Bowls of lemons, vintage cake stands and soup tureens, cookbooks surround wooden farm tables and chairs. At the pastry case, there are so many delicious fresh-baked treats. We pick a pistachio scone (laden with real pistachios in the center) and a strawberry cheesecake danish and some coffee. An absolutely lovely place for a coffee (or homemade lemonade) date.

Pistachio scone and strawberry cheesecake danish on the counterHere’s the crazy truth: this stunning café used to be a completely neglected property. Owners Christopher and Nate Silvia cleaned it up and transformed it into a place where you want to stop in on the regular. On many days, Christopher's daughter Chelsea joins them to help out behind the counter.

Next to the pastry case are piles of brand new school supplies and backpacks, collected for Fall River kids. This is one of so many initiatives taken on by the couple, all aimed at making the community a better, stronger, healthier place.School supplies neatly piled up

The cafe was on our radar from a reader who is originally from Fall River but now lives in Bourne. “You gotta check out what they’re doing at Christopher’s,” she told us. “The food is amazing, but they’re also doing so much to help the community.” She follows them on Facebook to see what’s going on.

The Silvias like transforming neighborhoods just like they transformed their own property. They’ll organize neighborhood clean ups and make cleaning fun. Fall River native Christopher Silvia says, “I was born to serve. Now that I have a little bit of money, I can help clean up neighborhoods that have been neglected for years.”

While we were there, Christopher was on the phone with someone about a kids’ mini-fair that they were hosting the next day in an abandoned lot that they had helped to clean up. He brings the fun to celebrate these things and it’s clear how the Silvias are making a small business such an integral community partner.

Chelsea working behind the counter at Christopher'sAnd the community is showing up for them. Construction workers, neighborhood folks, tourists…they’re all coming in to the cafe. The line for lunch sometimes snakes out the door and past the florist next door. The day we arrived, Christopher was cooking up some chorizo clam cakes and from-scratch chowder. But on other days, he’ll make other creative and yummy dishes, from French meat pie to lobster devilled eggs. The changing menu is all part of the charm.

cheesecake and salty chocolate chip cookies
Christopher is known for his cheesecake and salty chocolate chip cookies

Best of all, everyone is welcome to their cafe. There’s a neighborhood fund so if anyone can't afford a sandwich, they can simply come in and ask to use the neighborhood fund. Customers contribute to the neighborhood fund but you get the sense that if the fund were empty, the Silvias would still serve that sandwich, with a smile.

Nathan at the counter at Christopher's
Nathan at the counter at Christopher's

Our advice? Go right away! Try the delicious food, yes. Enjoy sitting in the lovely space, sure. But really just enjoy soaking up all that positive energy.

Christopher's, 1816 South Main Street, Fall River.
Photography by Liam Connor Photography.

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