Self Care: South Coast Style

Self Care: South Coast Style

As promised, guest blogger Margaret Bane of BareBoston is back! This time, she introduces us to a South Coast skin care line. 

The holidays have come and gone and you’ve successfully bought, cooked, given, consumed, traveled, and bought some more (goodbye January budget). But while January often seems just as hectic as December was, this really is the most important time of the year to prioritize yourself. No, not on the ever-growing to-do list lurking on your iPhone, but set aside time to focus on you.

We all have 30 minutes in the day to do something constructive for our physical and mental wellbeing. So put down the laptop, and take off the kitchen gloves, it’s time to learn a little bit about what you need to be more successful. Self care refers to the small steps we take to optimize our own personal well being, and the greatest part of these small steps is that they look different for everyone. I want you to first ask yourself: when was the last time I did something for my mental or physical health? What did it look like?

Whether it’s popping into a yoga class, or taking the extra ten minutes to draw a bath for yourself – this time is invaluable for the mind, body, and most importantly, the soul. Often mislabeled as “selfish” or time you could spend accomplishing daily life activities, this time will offer profound benefits in your connectedness to those around you. I like to think of self-care as fostering my relationship with myself, in order to foster my relationships with others. And guess what? It doesn’t have to be some tremendous day at the spa, or pricey therapy session! You may choose to sit alone and read a book, watch a TED talk – really anything that makes you smile inside.

Personally, I’ve identified that an extra 15 minutes in the bathroom, tending to my skincare routine in the evening, is a little sliver of heaven for me. There is no better feeling than waking up “fresh-faced” on a Tuesday (even if it’s at 6am to screaming children), knowing that a small act the night before helped to accomplish my morning glow. Of all the products I’ve experimented with, I want to share a special brand curated right here in the South Coast, called Jonathan’s Sprouts also known as “Skin Superfood”. I was first drawn to these products for the well known medicinal effects of broccoli extract, and have since learned that the power of broccoli extract works well beyond it’s cancer-fighting properties. These products are also a natural UV protectant, does it get any better? I’ve tested and highlighted my favorite products from the line here – I think it’s safe to say that broccoli is breaking free from the plate in 2017!

Nutrient-dense soaps calm dry skin conditions


Photo by Margaret Bane
By far my favorite product from the line, this serum quenches dry winter skin leaving a dewy finish


Photo by Margaret Bane
This dynamic duo creates the perfect fresh face to take on any day


Photo by Margaret Bane
I keep this in my purse for an on-the-go refresh at any time


BIO: Margaret Bane is a Boston city dweller, who spends the summer on the South Coast, golfing in Marion. Margaret is an avid health and wellness guru, and the founder of where she curates plant-based recipes and an overall guide to holistic health.



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