South Coast Almanac is Quarterly!

Early Summer issue on newsstands now! Photo: Josh Souza

Regional magazine moves to quarterly publication

New Bedford — South Coast Almanac, a regional magazine exploring the people and places of southeastern Massachusetts, will move from semi-annual to quarterly publication in May.

Marlissa Briggett, who founded the magazine in 2015, said she is increasing publication frequency in response to requests from readers and advertisers.

“We think the South Coast is one of the most vital and interesting regions of Massachusetts and all of New England,” said Briggett. “Its history mirrors our nation’s colonial and industrial past, and the diversity of its people reminds us of what the United States can and should be. We love being part of that and of helping to create a recognizable brand for this vital, interesting place.”

South Coast Almanac is distributed to more than 12,000 homes and offices from southeastern Rhode Island east to Cape Cod and is available at newsstands throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It is part lifestyle, part home and garden, and part public affairs magazine. It regularly publishes high-quality photography, design and writing.

The magazine’s founding Editor, Scott Lajoie, previously edited Cape Cod Magazine and Chatham Magazine and understands what makes the region and its people special.

“The South Coast is home to a large artist population who have helped enliven urban downtowns and foster a lively and growing lodging and restaurant industry. The coastal economy and lifestyle are at the center of almost everything,” Lajoie said. “And yet the South Coast remains largely undiscovered compared to Boston and Cape Cod, so it is a great getaway for people looking for an authentic and lively experience.”

South Coast Almanac is available for home delivery with issues published in May, August, December and February. You can learn more here. 



Contact: Marlissa Briggett, Publisher
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