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We’re always on the lookout for good food stories. We’re also constantly trying to keep our restaurant guide updated. From time to time, we’ll give you a sneak peek in the blog about what we’re up to in the food department…

Best burgers in the region. Probably in the world.

We’re serious. At dNB Burgers, it’s all about the burger. Everything is made from scratch. They grind the meat in house, they cure their bacon on site and they make all their pickles and sauces from scratch, right down to the ketchup. If you go in right now, you’ll find house-made bacon pastrami and carrot…

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Saturday Night at The Back Eddy with Macomber Turnips

Who knew I’d develop a crush on turnips this weekend? We went to The Back Eddy in Westport last night where I ordered giant bacon-wrapped scallops. I have a thing for bacon and scallops so the ordering was an easy call. My entrée arrived atop a bed of turnip and carrot hash. The bright orange…

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