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Starting in May 2019, 4 Issues a Year!

We started as an annual publication but we quickly realized we needed more: there were stories we wanted to tell and things we wanted to feature that couldn’t fit into a single yearly issue. Plus, readers told us they wanted to see us more frequently. So, we added a holiday issue to this year’s line-up. And guess what? It’s easy to celebrate the beauty and excitement of the holidays here too!

Starting in May, we’ll move to a quarterly publication (4 issues a year!!). As we grow, we are working on more than making a magazine. We’re trying to build community. That’s why we’re sponsoring our first Walking Book Club tour and the South Coast Almanac Shopping Spree Weekend this Fall. Because when we get outside and meet our neighbors -- whether they are fellow book enthusiasts, craftspeople or shop owners -- we make life better here.

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